April 16, 2009 | By Maria M. | 1 comment

I got these puppies from the JCSPCA

You know where a great place to get puppies is?That would be the Jefferson County S.P.C.A.(JCSPCA).They are an AMAZING shelter!They are also a NO KILL shelter.If anyone should win, it should be the JCSPCA!Did you know that their building has been around for more than 40 YEARS!!!!!!They need this makeover more than any other shelter!To find out more about the JCSPCA you can search Jefferson County S.P.C.A., or search Linda Miles.So, if your shelter didn't make it into the top 10 please do all the doggies and kitties a favor, and vote for the Jefferson County S.P.C.A.!Now, if you decide to vote for the JCSPCA reply to me or send to rottwieler99, YOUR shelter's name and me and a whole bunch of people(the community) will vote for your shelter next year in return to your kindness.So let me know who you are going to vote for!(:
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