A Shelter in Need

April 16, 2009 | By Sspezzano | 1 comment

Hi my name is Ally and I am a huge supporter of the Jefferson County SPCA. Right now the JCSPCA is in third place to win the 1 million dollar shelter makeover. We really need this makeover since the small shelter is running out of room for the animals. Since the Jefferson County SPCA is a no kill shelter when animals are there for long periods of time the shelter runs out of space. The owner of the shelter Linda Miles has even made the lower level of her house into a space for the animals that there was no room for in the shelter. Even though it seems like alot of room it's not. Linda predicts that the lower level room should be filled up by the beginning of this summer. The Jefferson County SPCA is also crumbling. The shelter building itself has been there for forty years and is in need of a good fixer upper. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for the Jefferson County SPCA to win the million dollar shelter makeover! If you help us win this next year I will get all of my friends and family to vote for the shelter you support. If you don't believe me about the facts I have just shared then visit the Jefferson County SPCA page and watch the video Tora Tora Tora of Watertown and you will understand. Thank you so much for listening and I hope you help us on our quest to win the million dollar shelter makeover. Keep in mind it's the animals that are the real winners. Thanks again and God bless.
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6 years ago

Very proud of your support for the SPCA. I will be voting for them and also supporting them as we are in the process of looking for a puppy. Linda is great at what she does and we are proud to support the Jefferson County SPCA.
The Kitto Family and Sherwood Florist.

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