Pumpkin our tabby

March 16, 2009 | By Kathy

My son actually found our Tabby Pumpkin, seems that Pumpkins mom was moving her in July 1997 she got scared by dogs and dropped her kitten, its was 98 degrees that week here in Florida and my son picked the kitten up, I had never had a cat before, so we took him in and bottle fed him, he grew and grew into a beautiful Tabby cat, with long Persian qualities, fuffy tail, he was a beauty, since we had him soo young, he would sit on your lap, he'd give kisses, but when he didn't want to be bothered, well, he loved to bite. Pumpkin was with us 11.5 yrs, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge Jan. 3th of this year. Our hearts are broken, the memories still in our hearts, we are looking for another Tabby, no one can replace Pumpkin but the love he gave, we want another Tabby.
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