who is in here?

October 15, 2009 | By Varanus | 1 comment

and what pets do you keep?
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6 years ago

See from NY,first join Nat. Group then NY but no one seems on so it been awhile since got alert.On beardeddragons.org(great site) and sometimes kingsnake.com,there are couple others but you do get fast reponse from these.My computer down so using friend I-phone which keep messing up so 3rd. Time trying to post.Sorry to say my great friend Vic. Past away Tuesday.I did alot research and think know why now.No local Vet would try aurtopsy and two Liz. Vet wanted over $100 each to do so had to pass,I really like to confirm but it was sudden pasting so it narrowed down what happen so most likely one of two things.On 25th. There reptile show at Hilton and start my search there and others for resue.Please everyone take there last look at Vic. in his glory and happy,he was good somewhat easy and think at times even showed affection,he already missed by alot people.I like to share so free to call.

Best Regard's

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