Is PETA for real?

June 22, 2009 | By Prevost1580 | 2 comments

I live in Virginia where PETA is based. A few years ago,PETA offered to help with some feral cat colonies. That is when friends and I found out that PETA does not support feral cats and feels that they should all be euthanized.

PETA has the highest euthanasia rate. For all of the millions of dollars raised or given to them by celebrities,most of the money is used for a crematory and a freezer. Yep! that kind of freezer :(

With sooooo much money,why doesn't PETA invest in spay/neuter & adoption clinics/shelters?!?! I guess PETA is more passionate about flies,lobsters & ratts.

I do agree with PETA on many things. I'm a vegetarian and I would never wear fur but PETA has their priorities,sooooo wrong!
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5 years ago

i have a question what is PETA?


6 years ago

Thats the problem with organizations like PETA. With such radical views, there's no room for a middle ground. While their hearts may have started out in the right spot, their need for absolutes in a gray area world is ridiculous and small minded. Their stance is not practical for a real world with millions of starving people.
While I know that thouands of companion animals would be euthanized regardless of their involvement, I think you are correct. Their money on euthanasia drugs could be better spent funding veterinarians running spay/neuter clinics like the Fort Collins Spay/Neuter Clinic. But there's only so much they can do while trying to support third world starvation with their ultra elite (and expensive) morality in addition to wanting the stop the advancement of science and medicine AND wish for the destuction of an entire area of industry that provides jobs and food for millions throughout the world (ie: the production and harvest of food animals)

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