I am stunned, breathless,and awestruck!

August 31, 2009 | By Julee C. | 4 comments


Hi ALL:-). I've been off for awhile, so I thought to check in on our group. I am absolutely speechless with admiration for the pics that have been added. Ya'll are WAY out of my league, but I will post a rainbow I saw that lasted for over 30 minutes and I could see both ends---very unusual. I wish I could convey how PROUD I am of ur pics. They contain all the things I love from flowers, butterflies, squirrels, to wonderful panoramas. You know, we could be on to something here---a Zootoo calendar maybe:-). Way to go guys and thank you for keeping it going while I was away. Have a Terrific Tuesday. Julee
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6 years ago

Julee, the pictures in our group are extremely beautiful! I enjoy the group and am glad you are back!

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