Our calicoes

February 15, 2010 | By Mcat19

We are the fortunate folks who are owned by 2 calicoes. Josie is my lap kitty. She puts me to bed at night, purrs me to sleep, wakes me for breakfast, supervises my shower and meal fixing and then naps. She was adopted from a shelter.

Paisley was rescued from a dumpster where some idiot tossed her when she was a wee kitten and driven across 3 states to us. She, a baby herself, had tried to nurse the two smaller kittens in the dumpster with her who were in a plastic bag. Paisley hates to be held, but rolls and purrs if you look at her. She doesn't like visitors to the house and hides until they leave.

We also have a white boy, Eli, and a beige girl, Peaches, who are both rescues, too.
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