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My tortie being "cute."

I'm the mom of 4 cats-one is a tortie and another is a calico. the calico is almost a year and the tort is 8 yrs old and talkabout jealous. My tortie chases my poor calico until she hides under the bureau of drawers in my room. I have a 1500 sq. ft. home. there's room for all. The other 2 are a male DSH-he pretty much hangs back and a DSH female-who will join in the chasing @ times. And.... to make it worse, my tortie will leave her good morning call of urine and stool by the basement door, if Karma-calico- sleeps in my room and the door is closed. That carpet is ugly. Anybody else have this???? ^^
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6 years ago

I haven't had problems with ona like the ones related in the two upper articles. Ona is totally shy and afraid when other animals come into our home. So we don't coast her out or anything.We fiqure she'll come out and join when she feels comfortable. In the 1yr and half that we have had her she hasn't urinated or deficated on the floor at all. She doesn't like to be held all the time either. She is finally sitting on my
husband lap in the mornings and is actually watching tv with him at times. It's so adorable.

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