Some nifty things about being a mutt...

September 20, 2008 | By hallie m. | 6 comments

Just for fun, I thought we could post something nifty about the particular mix of breeds that your mutt is. I'm talking more about characteristics of the breed and such than about the individual animal.

I'll start, and my nifty thing has to do with Chester's being half bassett, half chow. Chows have a good chance of developing entropion (eyelids curl inward), while bassetts have the chance of developing ectotropion (eyelids curling outward and drooping). Mix the two, and they cancel each other out. :)

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6 years ago

Rebbeca your dog, Seranda, sounds EXACTLY like my dog, Buddy. I always thought that my dog is a beagle and a collie mix but im also not sure. So maybe he is lol.

Rebecca A.

Rebecca A.
7 years ago

My first mutt Lily I know her parentage, her mother was a toy poodle and her father a Chi. She favors the Chi, very little poodle, maybe in her bone structure she's dainty. Her color is all her own, she's black. Her mother was white, her father fawn. She has the Chi personality, one person temperment, assertive and alert.

Seranda is our Beagle mis, though we're not convinced she's a beagle, but definetly a hound of some sort. She's bigger than a beagle, has beagle coloring and the nose. She's our alpha and is tolerant of her pack, but keeps everyone in their place. She's a love bug, eager to please and not a yapper. We're thinking she might be a Coonhound mix, we want to have her DNA tested.

I'll post on the other three mutts in a future post.

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