jerks are always just around the bend

August 15, 2008 | By Cadeydestefano | 9 comments

I was walking down a canal path and a man with a pure blooded (beautifull) bloodhound stops and goes you mixed a St.Bernard and a border collie hasn't anyone told you you should NEVER DO THAT, looked at the friend he was with and goes you should never mix that breed you should only have bure bread?

I didn't mix the breeds! I adopted my dog from ohio from a kill shelter! I thought that was rude! has anyone else come across a person like this????
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Rebecca A.

Rebecca A.
5 years ago

I am fortunate not to have encoutered such a person, which is good for them since they would get an education they didn't bargain for.

5 of my 6 are rescues, the way i look at it, I'm taking care of someone else's unresponsible behavior. I have never bred a dog and I never will. I have one dog that came from a breeder, she was a designer dog, orginially my mother's. The best benefit of mixed breed dogs are fewer health problems. With his fancy full blooded Bllodhound, he's looking at ear problems, skin problems, back problems, eye problems.

I was raised with purebred Yorkies, I love them. Purebreed dogs are wonderful, but a purebreed owner is not.

Rescue dogs are our future, because there are always irresponsible breeders out there.

Miranda S.

Miranda S.
6 years ago

When I first had Ashton and was trying to socialize him I asked everyone to pet him and a man came up to us and said that is the ugliest puppy he had ever seen and refused! (We were in a pet store and he was completely serious too) Some people are just scum bags!

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