Cats: The true mixing pot

October 31, 2008 | By Helen C. | 3 comments

Cats are great. I won't say they're the perfect pet. They aren't a pet at all, but a companion. Don't get me wrong. I love dogs. I love all animals [well, there are a few I don't like, but I'd never knowingly cause one harm] Cats though, are earthly nirvana.

Think about it. Even if a cat's parentage is questionable, they can still be entered in shows.

Different breeds exhibit different traits, but even within the breed, there remains an inate sense of the individual. Cats may live in a group, and live with people [or allow people to live with them] but they never develop a pack mentality. They will sometimes work together when necessary [Lions in a pride for example, or housecats when they form 'play teams'] but alliances change as often as we change our minds.

Cats tolerate us. We are allowed in their presence on suffrage, because we have those things called thumbs to open tins. Otherwise, we serve only to make a warm lap when they're chilled, or a scratch where they can't reach.

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Helen C.

Helen C.
7 years ago

Your right. They do adore us. But sometimes, as I said, they merely tolerate our presence. Pet a cat when it's not her idea, and see how fast the teeth and claws grab your wrist.

I do love my cats. All of them. Having a breakthrough like last night when little Habibi jumped on the foot of the bed with everyone else, melted my heart. She didn't stay long, but for a little kitten who was abused before being thrown away, this was a huge leap [in height and bravery] But I realize too that we are more equals, than pets and owner. I'm just the can opener.

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