Verizon's anti-pit bull commercial?

July 19, 2008 | By Nelson M.

Verizon developed a commercial portraying pit bulls in a real bad light. Misconception is out biggest enemy here.

The new commercial which will do harm to our pit bull companions portray these wonderful dogs negatively and perpetuates the bad stereotype... please spread this but also copy and paste the Verizon executive email addresses and tell them to pull this ill-conceived commercial.

Verizon commercial: www. youtube. com/watch?v=hafgAqTdJes

copy and paste ADDRESSES and let them know what you think:

Martha.Delehanty@verizonwireless.com, Margaret.Feldman@verizonwireless.com, Anthony.Melone@verizonwireless.com, Jack.Plating@verizonwireless.com, John.Townsend@verizonwireless.com, Ajay.Waghray@verizonwireless.com, Steve.Zipperstein@verizonwireless.com, Roger.Gurnani@verizonwireless.com, Jim.McGean@verizonwireless.com, David.Small@verizonwireless.com, Marni.Walden@verizonwireless.com, Charlie.Falco@verizonwireless.com, Rose.Kirk@verizonwireless.com, Michael.Maiorana@verizonwireless.com, Christine.Berberich@verizonwireless.com, Anthony.Bowman@verizonwireless.com, Eileen.Creeden@verizonwireless.com, Brian.Stacy@verizonwireless.com,
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