Michael Vick

November 2, 2008 | By Brenda H. | 7 comments

He should have been put in a big cage with a bunch of fighting pit bulls and let them tear him apart!
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6 years ago

I have no use for him, he is sick and should suffer just like the dogs that were at his mercy did!


7 years ago

This is what Goodall has had to say recently about Sick Vick -
"I'll put it this way: Has he rehabilitated himself sufficiently? Does he understand the consequences of his actions? What would be the impact on the NFL? All of those things." -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on his criterial for considering reinstatement for Michael Vick"

Please take the time to write (yes I know the easy way is to email but show that you really want to make a difference...bombard them with paper mail)

National Football League
Attn: Roger Goodell
280 Park Ave., 15th Fl.
New York, NY 10017

Let him know that Sick Vick had NO OPTION but to behave...he was in PRISON! He didn't have a chance to go back to his old ways and when he gets out he SHOULD NOT be what small children look up to as a "Football Hero"...he is a deranged man who has no right to regain his fame and forture in the NFL.

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