Japan Dolphin Slaughter

March 14, 2010 | By alex | 1 comment

Did u watch the academy awards? If u did then, u probably saw the aweful footage of the Japan dolphin slaughter! I think everyone should go to www.savejapandolphins.com and donate. I'm a girlscout and for my bronze award I'm going to get people to donate to the cause! Stop it now!
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Kevin B.

Kevin B.
5 years ago

Good for you Alex. Yes the dolphin slaughter is barbaric and should be considered genocide and an act of war. I am proud of you taking such a stand at your age. I hope more of our younger inhabitants follow your example. I was a boyscout myself, though that was over 30yrs ago the scouts were the foundation of my love of nature and animals which is to this day where I go every chance I get. If the dolphin slaughter in Japan had such an influence on your actions may I suggest that you look further into the issues of The Harp seal clubbing s in Canada and not to throw to much shocking truth at you all at once but the plight of animals in laboratories all over the world is among the most disturbing cruelties that man has ever been a part of.

Well Alex Keep It Wild! and NO COMPROMISE! In Defense of Mother Earth NO COMPROMISE! Until every cage is empty your friend Notsuredamus

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