Good news - Verizon pulls the pit bull ad

July 28, 2008 | By Nelson M. | 5 comments

The vice-president of corporate communications at Verizon Wireless provided a positive affirmative that the pit bull ad has been pulled.

"The ad featuring the two dogs is no longer running. Thanks for your comments," said Jim Gerace VP Communications.

james.gerace@ verizonwireless. com

I am sending a positive note thanking Verizon for listening to concerned pet owners and pulling the ad.
Comments (5)
Cady Lynn

Cady Lynn
6 years ago

If you look up verizon wireless pit bull ad it's still up.
But I don't understand how it's AGAINST pits...
I guess just because they made them junk yard dogs?
If they had rottweilers or dobermen people would probably be saying the same things...

jen a.

jen a.
7 years ago

I also never saw the ad, as I don't have TV, and it was pulled from YouTube before I saw it. I think the issue around stereotyping pit-bulls is mostly due to lack of education about the breed, and folks not caring enough to bother to find out. They don't realixe that dog attacks can occur with most breeds. Also that many factors go into a dog attack. They don't just attack for no reason. They don't just kill for no reason.

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