July 29, 2008 | By Jesuslovestheanimals | 1 comment

anybody that would fight any kind of an animal should be lock up for a while and really think about what they did
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7 years ago

This is one law that should be made a felony if it is not. It should be enforced and who ever is doing it should be punished harshed. I think this is one of the worst thing people can do to thehen wir dogs. When we got Bull he had be used as a fighting dog and he was in a bad shape. He was straved and tear up all over. He was real scare and jumpy. But we finally got him healthy and calm again. Now he is a big baby and stay in our house. Our 3 Year old grandson loves him and Bull loves him. Bull lets him kiss and pull, roll and does anything he tells him. Bull even lets Isaiah walk him. Isaiah weights 30 lbs. and Bull weights 95 or more.

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