Cheyenne Cherry

June 10, 2009 | By Skinnymarie713 | 2 comments

I never heard of this before until today, but apparently some young girl in New York got upset with her room mate and stuck her cat in a microwave? Did you guys hear anything about this? I was practically in tears reading this! How could someone do that to a poor defenseless animal??? I don't understand the brains of some human beings. It's a darn shame!
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Brandi O.

Brandi O.
6 years ago

they have no brains this is that the mother and father never told them how to treat animals if my brothers kids raise their hands to my cats or dog I smack their hand and sit the 2 1/2 year old down and tell them when I hit your hand you cried well if you hurt a animal they will cry too he has went to hit them 2 times now he comes in and kisses them and gives them a hug and he has mental problems if he can learn then every kid should to it all starts with the mother and father

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