Thanks Darren!

March 9, 2009 | By Abaker48 | 2 comments

Thanks Darren for starting this whole thing off. I don't think there is nearly enough attention brought to how helpless many of these animals are and how easy it is to do something about it.

My story:
I met my dog Shadow in an animal shelter in Wyoming a number of years ago. I wasn't really looking to adopt a pet, but they had this program where you could take them for a short period of time- be it an hour walk, a weekend, a week, or up to two weeks. Well my weekend turned into two weeks and when I brought him back I just couldn't leave him, so next thing I knew I had the best ski partner imagined!

Several years later he is happily living with my cousin and her 4 boys, 4 dogs, and 7 horses on our family farm in Maryland. I can't wait to get home and see him soon.

Pics to follow.
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Darren F.

Darren F.
6 years ago

That sounds eerily similiar to a my story about my Maddie from a few years back, I think it was about 1999 when a rescue shelter brought three dogs to my parents home. My mother was looking for a new dog, and Maddie was never presented to us, because she was half Rott and half Pitt. She was left in the car, while a Shepperd and some sort of terrier were shown to us. We didn't hit it off with either of those dogs, but when we walked the woman back to her car and saw Maddie, it was love at first site. If a dog can smile, she definitely was. From then on, she was ours, and she was one of the best companions you could ask for. We lost her 4 years ago to age and complications from Lymes. She will ALWAYS be in my heart, and without places like the Humane Society, I would have missed out on that. I have to add her to my Zoo.

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