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April 15, 2009 | By Flowerhead910 | 13 comments

On Monday we had 9449 members and tonight, (Wednesday) we had 10069. This is good, but we still need to get out of third place so invite everyone you know to vote!
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tina r.

tina r.
5 years ago

Again, it comes down to how difficult it is to maneuver this site. I tried to help my mother (who is 78!) get signed in, and even though I was able to do it at my home, I could not get her signed in. She lives in one of the senior citizen hi-rise bldgs. here in Watertown, and many of the residents wanted to vote, but couldn't get signed up- even those who I would consider "computer savvy" - it took me nearly an hour to get signed in first time, and 1/2 hr. to figure out how to vote first time.(It's a piece of cake now, but that first nite I got really frustrated!) We need to let the zootoo folks know this- as this is most unfair- and not just to our shelter- to all involved in the shelter makeover II. The photo requirement seems to be giving people the most trouble, followed by not easily being able to find where you actually vote.

pat a.

pat a.
6 years ago

Hi Jefferson County,

I tried to get my friends to vote, but they claim that the previous winners did not bargain for the type of help they received. I pleaded with them to vote in spite of rumors as a vote is free...they are just beginning a shelter and have not responded. I want you to know that I have no money to offer or work that I could do, as I am in remission, but having side effects. I can pray and I can vote, so I will and do.

You go girls...and boys
Your supporter,

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