Well how is the SPCA going to do the most with the prize $$$

April 18, 2008 | By kelly D. | 2 comments

The Jefferson SPCA is at least the winners of 5,000....I just think it would be great if we could get the town (and all supporters) to help with the mackover...ex. painting and paint rollers ect.
Like the big makeover shows where the community plays a big part. I would be willing to help and I can talk my husband into some work also...
I'm not sure what the Jefferson SPCA needs first, but it would be good to keep the ball rolling from the zootoo.com visit.
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Alexa P.

Alexa P.
6 years ago

I volunteer at the SPCA. And they are DEFF! Going to expand! The Fort Drum shelter is Closing down, and the SPCA s getting all of their animals! It is going to be tough! We have been cleaning up and working hard to get ready, but there isnt enough room AT ALL! I think that they need the money more than any one right now! And yes! Again! They are deffinetly going to expand!

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