Let's push to get the MILLION DOLLAR MAKEOVER!

April 9, 2009 | By Joanne N. | 1 comment

Hi Everyone! It is crunch time and we need to get as many people on board as possible to vote for our SPCA so we can win the MILLION DOLLAR SHELTER MAKEOVER from ZOOTOO.COM! I sent an email to everyone in my address book both at home and at work. I encourage you to do the same! Then ask them to send the same message to all the folks in their address books! Insert the following link to the zootoo.com explanation of the voting! www.zootoo.com/americavotes/intro

It really gives simple and great directions! This is our BIG CHANCE! Let's make it happen!
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Aryane B.

Aryane B.
6 years ago

I agree. Our shelter deserves to have a makeover for all the pets and the hard workers working there. We have a lot of stray animals in our county that need homes, and having a bigger shelter thats able to take them in would make it easier for these poor pets to get homes! I sent emails to a lot of people as well, and told many people about it as well. Hopefully everyone logs on and votes!

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