Iguanas Forever Iguanas

February 11, 2010 | By Kerrylhansen | 1 comment

Alan getting sun. Look @ smile

I am the proud owner of two wonderful iguanas. I would like to share them with other iguana lovers I opened some facebook albums looking for ig people but got no response. I am including this link for anyone interested in some magnificent creatures.
Not exactly a link but it should get you there if you copy it into the address.
My primary interest is the abuse of these wonderful animals. I do not breed even though I have a male and female... I could not justify adding to this problem....I am interested in your opinions and your pets.
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5 years ago

It's wonderfull to see others loves these beautiful creatures as much as I do. My husband and I have rescued 5 iggs to date and wish we had the time and space to open a true Iguana Rescue. That will have to wait until we retire and can give them all the time and attention they deserve.

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