December 22, 2008 | By Dalee S.

Picking on the guinee pig

It's amazing the personality that these little guys have, its endless. My husband nearly recks now to avoid birds in flight when driving, because he knows of each one having their own unique personality. They are so much fun to get to know and figure out, I was so nervous when I first got my conure ( Luki ) he was only a couple months old, and still nippy and learning, but I soon calmed down realizing that we were both new at this and then began to stop and think about the reasons that he would bite, and now he is so good, and I now know that if he does (which is rare) that is because he is nervous or just defending his space for one reason or another. He loves to mimic me and finish my phrase, and his new found love is lettuce, a welcoming new food. I lost him one day, and it was the most horrible, empty feeling (never want it again), only to find that someone left the door open and he flew out, which he has never done before. My daughter found him in the neighbors tree, he was teasing her by mimicing the difference between his name and my canaries. Worst and best day. I love this crazy little man probably more than he knows.
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