Shelter II Contest

October 2, 2008 | By Peggy F. | 5 comments

What can we do to get the message out to
our members that we need to begin now on
the Zootoo Shelter Contest? In two days we
went from 25th to 40th. We need to start now
before we fall further behind.
Comments (5)
Tiffany C.

Tiffany C.
6 years ago

We have fell a lot since this was last written. We need to get pumped up and support these animals. That's what it is all about. Please let's all try to do our best. We need to get the word out.

Sharon S.

Sharon S.
7 years ago

I think it will be harder this time because the contect has gotten so much attention and there will be more groups becoming involved. I hope we are able to bounce back and get back in the top 20 but it will take a lot more work this time.

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