Whatever the outcome...It's not over yet...

April 19, 2009 | By Tina R. | 8 comments

First off, I don't want anyone to be mad at Bill for what he said earlier-
I think what Bill was trying to say is that it is disapointing and frustrating becuase IF we end in 4th it would be sooooo close....to winning a bit more money...and 4th place is the first placing that wins no money.

However...and I KNOW Bill is with me on this...even if we end in 4th or 6th or 10th...we ARE winners, because it has raised a tremendous AWARENESS in our community...people like all of you reading this who are now very involved.
We have gained some WONDEFUL volunteers and supporters, we have showed people in Florida, in our Country and even other places in the WORLD that we exist and we WILL NOT GIVE UP until our animals get a better facility to stay in. We will not give up educating our community and we will NEVER give up advocating for our animals.

And here it is...no matter what the outcome and if I know our group as well I think I do...we need to take NOT WINNING (if we don't) and use it to our advantage...every paper in Florida should know how close we came and how hard we worked...we need to get on the phone to community and business leaders and tell them that THIS Shelter STILL deserves a makeover, and we need to MAKE it happen, with or without zootoo.
Don't tell us we can't go out and make it happen, if we made it this far in this competition, we can do anything!!!
I know their are builders out there right now that are slow and could easily send a crew over for a few months to help build a building.
I know their are business's out their that just did their taxes and would much rather donate lumber or roofing or office chairs or plumbing supplies and get the write off then send Uncle Same a big check. I know their is a little old lady that loves her pets more than anything and if she heard the story of a little shelter in Brooksville who's staff, volunteers and community all worked so hard to try and win a makeover for their animal shelter but did not get it by a hair...she would pull out that checkbook and make a nice donation towards a building.
My point is, that even if Dennis sings, we all need to take the momentum that we have going and get this makeover anyway...because not winning does NOT change the fact tht we really do
I say this from my heart but with great honor in having such a wonderful group of people who have the same passion and determination as I do...:)
Gotta go so I can vote.

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Bonnie K.

Bonnie K.
6 years ago

Don't know why anyone would be mad at Bill. We ALL did the best we could and should be proud of a job done well - to the best of our abilities. PLEASE DON'T LET DENNIS SING!!!! I will do almost anything to avoid that. LOL

judi v.

judi v.
6 years ago

Tina, what a beautiful response! You write so eloquently, I suggest you be the one who sends media bits about the shelter that WILL be built. I agree, we can do it. Please put me down for calling and begging for builders, supplies, contractors, whatever we need to make it happen.

Bill, a special thanks to you. You are a "voice" for the animals, and you have been the glue to keep this thing going. You and Joanne should have the new shelter named after you two!

It will come, and we can make it happen.

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