Neighbor Needs Home for Dog

November 4, 2009 | By Angela S. | 1 comment

This is Maxie

My neighbor recently got a dog dumped on her. The dog used to belong to a little boy but I guess he did not take care of it the way his parents wanted, so they got rid of it and a "friend" of my neighbor's thought it would be a great idea that she have a dog (not such a great idea).

Anyway, my neighbor is elderly and has limited mobility. This dog is young and has a lot of energy (a yorkie and something mix) and really needs a family that can play with her. She came barking at my house at 5 a.m. this morning because she got out when my neighbor was taking out the trash.

I already have a dog, who is very alpha and so another dog just will not work in my house. She is a nice, friendly little dog that gets along well with everyone she meets, including my daughter, and also other dogs. She is fixed and housebroken too.

My neighbor just cannot take care of her and wants to take her some place, but I thought that maybe someone here could give me some info to give her.
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tina s.

tina s.
6 years ago

Good luck on finding this baby a home.. I am with Lost Angels Animal Rescue.org and would love to take her. I at this time as well as many other in the group are full of dogs. I have 11 dogs and 9 pups in my home right now. If you could foster her for a short time I am sure we could get her in. She is a cute baby..

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