Are YOU ready to finish this challenge?

April 9, 2009 | By Bill P. | 1 comment

It started so many months ago.

That little shelter in Brooksville, Florida, you know the one that's been helping homeless pets since 1964.

The one that almost closed it's doors, but got a breath of fresh air several years ago by a truly dedicated group of people that share a common compassion and tireless inner drive to better the welfare of animals in our community.

Did you know the 1960 census showed the Hernando County population was about 11,250? Today, 45 years later in 2009, our population exceeds 166,000. The shelter has made improvements, but hasn't grown much in size or capacity. Now is the time! This is the opportunity!

Every person that gets this E-Mail signed on to Zootoo months ago with the hopes that we could combine our efforts and finish within the top 20, staging ourselves to win this million dollar makeover. We uploaded countless pictures and videos, wrote mind-numbing journal entries. Reviewed products. For months. We made it. We further welcomed Mr. Thompson and Zootoo, and have proven that we would appreciate the opportunity to get in the top 10. We did it. We worked hard, and have been given a golden opportunity - that only 10 shelters in the entire United States have been given.

Are you ready to finish this challenge?

Please communicate with EVERYONE that joined Zootoo through you, EVERYONE in the address book on your computer, EVERY person or organization that you can possibly think of, and make them aware that our shelter, here in Florida, has the chance to win this makeover. Your neighbors, family members, boss, associates, employees – ANYONE, ANYWHERE can vote for us!

Our next goal is to get everyone to join our Zootoo newsletter list, so that we can send daily reminders and keep everyone up to date with this project, and remind them to vote starting April 13th.

The website –

We are working towards providing as much information as possible on our website to let visitors know all about us, and help them understand that we would greatly appreciate, and could greatly benefit from this makeover.

Folks PLEASE understand - we MUST get the word out to as many people as possible, and we are quickly running out of time to do it.

We’ve received some great ideas from Zootoo members – if you have any, please E-Mail bill@humanerescue.org.

Thanks to everyone in this group for doing what you do. With your help, we CAN win this, and ultimately help more animals!
Comments (1)

6 years ago

I think we ALL need to be writing journals again so people that don't know about the shelter can make their minds up to vote for us... how else will they decide, we need to be even more active on here again I feel.

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