Volunteers Needed!!

April 7, 2009 | By HSBarron | 4 comments

We have FIVE DAYS to spread the word for everyone on earth to vote for HSBC next week!! Wouldn't it be GREAT if we placed in the Top Three and took home a minimum of $25,000!?!?!? We need your help spreading the word that everyone and anyone with an internet connection should vote every day next week.

*We need people to hang posters
*We need people to send e-mails out at work
*We need people to send e-mails to relatives
*We need people to sponsor newspaper ads (approximately $35/each)
*We need outgoing people who are comfortable with their shelter knowledge to sit at a table at Petco or the Fantastic Flea Market
*People to help cover the cost of fliers/posters
*People to help get our message into schools
*People to ask their employer to help us advertise with bag stuffers, loudspeaker announcements, roadside sign (such as the big letterboard signs where you change the message to feature specials, etc) updates, etc
*People to help get the word into churches
*Any other way people feel they can help, we'd LOVE to hear it!!!

Please, post here or send us a PM (or e-mail wendie@hsbcshelter.com if you feel you can help in ANY of the above ways!!

Thanks a lot guys! $10,000! WOO HOO!!!!
Comments (4)
Michelle S.

Michelle S.
6 years ago

How can we donate money to help pay for ads/copies?

Lisa A.

Lisa A.
6 years ago

Will send a message to Wendy on posters and flyers

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