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Will you give TEN minutes of your time to help change the lives of thousands of Wisconsin Puppy Mill Dogs?

If your answer is "Yes!" then please contact your state legislators NOW and ask them to CO-SPONSOR the Commercial Dog Breeders Licensure Bill - LRB 2448/2.

Seeking co-sponsorship is the first step in getting legislation passed to protect puppy mill dogs from neglect and suffering. It is urgent that we get as many legislators as possible to add their names as co-sponsors to LRB-2448/2. YOU can help make that happen.

Read the Bill and Learn More Here: www.nowisconsinpuppymills.com/legisltr-cosponsor-alert.html

Contact your Legislators Here: www.legis.state.wi.us./

Click on Who Represents Me? in the middle of the page. Enter your home address, then click the Search box. Your State Representative and State Senator will appear with their contact phone numbers and links to their email addresses. Call or write and ask them to co-sponsor the Commercial Dog Breeders Licensure Bill - LRB 2448/2.

The bill will circulate for co-sponsorship until Tuesday, April 21, 2009 so please contact your legislators now.

Wisconsin Mill Dogs have suffered long enough without protection. Please help them TODAY!

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6 years ago

Many of you may know that a legislative project I have been working very hard on of late—a bill to regulate “puppy mills” in Wisconsin – has been introduced to the Wisconsin legislature yesterday and will be circulated for co-sponsorship over the next 2 weeks. It is very important that as MANY legislators as possible sign-on to the bill as co-sponsors. I hope you don’t mind my forwarding the following legislative alert to you, in the hopes that you could take 2 minutes to click on the “legislator finder” link and phone your state senator and representative to let them know you want them to co-sponsor the Smith-Kreitlow breeder bill.
Thank you so much for your help with this. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d be interested in being notified of prospective Committee hearing dates or other updates.

Best regards,

Jodi Habush Sinykin
On behalf of the Wisconsin Humane Society


6 years ago

Animal shelter is defined as " facility that is operated for the purpose of providing for and promoting the welfare, protection and humane treatment of animals, that is used to shelter at least 25 dogs in a year ref:173.41 1a.

License fees....for selling at least 25, but fewer than 50 dogs/=$250.00 ...50 but fewer than 100 dogs/=$500. Do you know of a shelter smaller than that? 173.41 3

The best parts of this bill is the fines for abuse, neglect, size of enclosures that are esp helpful for outside dog standard p 10 of the bill , standard of care, vet care, enforceable thru the DATCP. This is where funds will come from because the ABUSE in WI puppymills is huge. They'll be able to inspect and fine these creeps.

The bill is ONLY 14 pages. It's a quick read. Everyone can read that quite quickly and make their own decision.

I can see why nowisconsinpuppymills and shelter directors, animal rights and people who really want the best for dogs are promoting this bill.

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