$10 donation x 3000 supporters = $43,000!!!

April 20, 2009 | By Wendie | 14 comments

$10 - Starbucks or Shelter Makeover?? - You decide!!

Friends, I want to ask you for help ONE LAST TIME. If each and every one of our over 3,000 supporters donated just $10 to the Humane Society of Barron County, we'd have over $40,000 (including the $10,000 we won from ZooToo) to start making all the drastic repairs and improvements around the shelter that are so desperately needed. $10 may not sound like much, but when you times it by the hundreds and hundreds of people who care about our little shelter it does and it WILL add up.

So please, visit click the link
and give us one last shot at this million dollar makeover - $10 at a time. $40,000 will go a LONG LONG way towards most of the improvements and programs we've been dreaming about since September.

We're going to be part of history whether we win this makeover or not - if we don't win it, we're still going to make it happen. We've proven that we can do anything we put our minds to. And you've proven that if we ask for help, we'll get it it. And that's why we're so grateful for supporters like you.

Our wonderful friend Chitown has once again proposed a challenge. For every $10 donated to this cause, she will donate another $1 - up to $3000. So we're really looking at raising $43,000!!!! Thanks so much Chitown! Now come on guys, let's make sure she has to MAX OUT that donation!!!!

Again, thank you to everyone. We gave it our all and we're still hoping a miracle came along and allowed us to jump from 5th place to 3rd place, but we always have to have a Plan B. And our Plan B is $10 x 3,000 = $43,000 with YOUR help.
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Lisa A.

Lisa A.
4 years ago

I am going to donate $20 today. $10 for me and $10 for hubby. When I can give more I will:-) Its a tight month with the truck breaking down yesterday:-(

I'm also posting this on facebook! Have to Spread the word!!


5 years ago

I'd like that, Rhonda, thank you!

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