Use green products for the care and well being of your horses

August 23, 2009 | By Denmed | 1 comment

I am an animal lover and have found products that are safe for our animals as well as coming from a GREEN company. They will help make you, your family, your horses, and your home healthier and safer while helping to keep our precious environment safer, too.

I am passionate about going GREEN and helping all our animals be safer too. I am not trying to spam anyone-just trying to get the word out that there are products we can use on our animals and for our animals. If you are as interested in our environment as you are in the health and well being of your horses and your family as well, please take a look and contact me.

Thanks for your time.


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Animal g.

Animal g.
6 years ago

No disrespect, but i have tried some of the products and they don't work as good as some. But there is one i like, it's called marigold detangler and shine coat spray. They work good and they make your horse smell good! otherwise i use my regular stuff.

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