What does your tank look like?

January 23, 2009 | By Carrie M. | 4 comments

Just out of curiosity, what does your hermies tank look like?

I have some over head shots of mine that I will try to attach here in a bit.
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6 years ago

Well, I have 2 water bowls, and two feeding bowls, with about 3 inches of sand, and then some cocunut bedding, a cocunut hideout in the middle, and three shells on each side. This is spread out in a 10 gallon tank. My isolation tank just has sand right now, but I move 3 shells, one water dish, and one food dish to my IT whenever I have a crab in there.


7 years ago

I would love to take a picture of our tanks, but they seem to redecorate them as quickly as we get them cleaned up.

We are running 2 "29 in High" tanks and one 1 gal isolation tank.

All the tanks have UTH heat, coconut beading, Calci sand, Dishes of fresh and Salt water, Coconut huts, chola logs, Big chucks of rock to climb on, shells to check out, and food dishes they like to dump out. *G*

Gotta love them aspiring interor decorators.

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