About Ginger The Guinea Pig (and other pets)

January 10, 2010 | By Sam B.

Ginger the guinea pig is sweet,friendly,and affectionate. She cuddles with me. She is grey and white. If you guys want to see me and her in action,go to Youtube.com to check it out!!! Here are the video's names:Ginger The Guinea Pig,Giving Your Guinea Pig A Bath (Example With Ginger),and Petting Your Guinea Pig (Example With Ginger). If you guys want to see my other pets in action,here are some more video's:Popo The Parakeet,Swimmy The Betta Fish,Gizmo And Shaggy The Shih-Tzu's,Playing A Simple Game With Your Bird (Example With Popo),Petting Your Bird (Example With Popo),Training Your Bird To Go On Your Hand (Example With Popo),and Popo Taking A Bath. Thanks guys!!! You are the best!!! Ginger,Swimmy,Gizmo,and Shaggy are all happy and healthy!!! Buster is a newcomer and he is a goldfish!!! He is also very happy and healthy!!!
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