What's your gerbil named after? How'd they get their name? What is their name?

April 30, 2009 | By Kaylee | 2 comments

HI! Just curious to what other peoples gerbils names are. Is there anyt reason why you gave them that name?
My gerbils are named after different chocolate companies.
Hershey - nutmeg color
Cadbury - black
Nestle - black and white
I use to have another black gerbil, her name was Blackie - bet you can't figure out why!
Anyway, any comments appreciated.
PS: See pics of some of my gerbils on my profile.
Comments (2)

5 years ago

well my black and white one is named winter. she was named after a dolphin tht had to get a prostetic tail. winters tail has a kink in it so thats how she got her name. my other one is tan and white and her name is spring beaces he bounces around like a coiled spring

brookie h.

brookie h.
6 years ago

well i have 2 gerbils and sugar is white and spice is black

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