Gerbil Housing

April 18, 2009 | By Diane | 1 comment

Tags: gerbils, tank, housing, crittertrail

Just curious. How are your gerbils housed?

Mine is a menagerie. One is a 20 gallon tank setup with a topper. Another is a 10 gallon connected to a crittertrail cage with tubes. My third is just a 15 gallon.
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6 years ago

I have a single gerbil in a ten gallon (she lost her mate) and two that are in a 20 gallon. Both have lids, wheels, pvc tubes, glasses to hide in, cardboard/toilet paper rolls, food dishes, water bottles,wooden houses, chewy wood tubes, plus more. I use a critter trail X for a play/temporary cage. I also have a play pen I made out of pizza boxes.

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