Why is protecting Draft Horses SO important?

September 25, 2008 | By Denise E. | 1 comment

Hello everyone! I've been googling and googling about Equine Slaughter and have had a devil of a time finding good statistics. Have you had the same problem?

Well, I finally had some success and here is why we NEED to spread the word!!

As of the end of 2007, the first year after the closure of three United States Slaughterhouses, export of horses for slaughter to Canada has increased 41% and Mexico's export number has grown by 312%.

Here's a quote that says it all: "The AAEP estimates that an additional 2,700 rescue facilities would be needed in the first year of the ban to care for the thousands of surplus horses." This is year two and I don't even need to mention how the economy is affecting horse owners.

While everyone wants to argue about this, the sad fact is that the public has been duped. What person with any decency could say that closing U.S. slaughterhouses was not a good thing? Well, it can be if that's the ONLY part of the story that you address!

I've found the "transportation guidelines for export of equines for slaughter" and they sound good when you read them on the USDA site. However, each State has the flexibility today not to follow them. The regulations are not being enforced. When I contacted the State Veterinarian's Office in the Department of Agriculture for Oklahoma it took about seven different versions of my question for the gentleman to even understand what I was asking about! He finally "got it" and said "OH! You want to know about export regulations?" and told me where to find the OK paperwork. When asked about enforcement, he said, "Maam, we just are not concerned about what leaves Oklahoma, we care about what comes INTO Oklahoma. Oversight is up to the person filling out the health certificate." I came close to passing out.

For the rightful closure of the US slaughterhouses to have any value, we MUST stop the roughly 5-6 stockyards who ARE following the transport guidelines. Very few can justify the expense so the wealthy owners of these stockyards now cover their added expense exponentially by making up for cost with huge revenue due to the enormous intake increase.

Please help!! I hope that you'll share any information that you have and we'll be able to work together. To be quite blunt, draft horses are being virtually "given" to these stockyards. There is no more "price per pound". So for the same price the stockyard gets MORE MEAT.

Thanks for reading and God Bless the Horses!!!
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Rick H.

Rick H.
7 years ago

Well for me i think it is inportant to save as many as we can Of all the horses. Today i went and rescued a horse the naghbors called us they were the ones feeding the horse so we were asked to go get him or they all were going to see about doing something about it.

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