The adopted cat versus the foster cat

August 7, 2008 | By LisaJerryA

BabyCakes and Podo

Have you ever ran across an issue of adopting a foster cat or kitten into your household? I have. At first it was complete chaos. My cats hated the foster kittens, wanted them DEAD. After a comfortable length of time, they adjusted to the little home wreckers and a bond was born. But as with all fosters, I had to find homes for them and emotions ran high. My youngest cat, a self-indulged primadonna, slipped into depression and refused to even eat (and for the pudge-muffin not to eat, that truly is a RARE occasion!) or even get up. She would whimper in her sleep, and during her waking hours, which had to be the hardest thing on my heart. Well, to my surprise and relief, her favorite baby kitten was returned to us. It appears he suffers from allergies. A permanent condition in his case, is a dwarf, and because of that, no one wanted him. So to her joy, we have decided the keep the little sweetie and now my cat (BabyCakes) and her adopted son (Podo) are inseperable and blissfully happy.
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