Willie's red skin rash.

January 26, 2009 | By Cathy S.

Hi all. I have just gotten my oldest, ferret Willie through a red rash he had on his back & now that it's nearly gone I want to pass a warning on to all ferret parents. BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU USE TO WASH THEIR BEDDING IN! DETERGENTS & DRYER SHEETS CAN CAUSE A RASH ON YOUR FERRET LIKE WHAT WILLIE HAD; (WHICH IS ALMOST HEALED. THE FERRET BIBLE, FERRETS FOR DUMMIES POSED THE QUESTION, WHAT DID YOU WASH THE BEDDING IN & MY HUSBAND DALE THOUGHT OF USING PLAIN WATER & NO DRYER SHEETS. It worked! Sorry for the caps & shouting, but I was scared & worried & I wanted to alert all ferret parents to a potential health hazard that they might not even think of, a ferret getting a rash from a detergent.
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