December 25, 2008 | By Shell | 2 comments

Milo sleeping in a cozy bed!

Milo is/was feral. He was difficult at first but after several patiently spent months trying to get him to come close to me, he gave in . . . a little. Got him to trust me enough to begin eating in a carrier until the day I closed the door on him and took him to get snipped. He now sleeps and naps in my house but insists on going out. I reached out for advice on how to keep him in but my dear hubby always gives in and let's him out when I'm not home. He says, Milo scratches on the door endlessly and that his nails are going to fall off. Can you imagine!
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Elizabeth  M.

Elizabeth M.
7 years ago

My experience has been when a cat wants outside there is little you can do about. One of my cats (who is friendly but only to me) slips out the door everychance she gets. I gave up a long time ago and luckily she stays close to the house. And I can't say that i blame her for wanting to go outside as I can't imagine life without some sun on my face. I want to build a safe enclosure for them but kind of doubt that will work. some cats just insist on the great outdoors.

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