Helping the last one to come around

December 25, 2008 | By Kristi S. | 1 comment

I have a litter of 5 four week old kittens. There were all ferral when I got them. The runt decided I was great when I gave him food and started to pet him while laying down. The bigger ones heard the purring and stopped hissing at me. Within a day or two 4 of the 5 were coming to me, playing on me (I was still laying down), and let me pet them. These now run to me when I come into the room.

It's the last one that's been a test of patience. She runs when I enter the room and waits until I've sat down before she'll even come to eat. I can watch her play with her brothers and sister. She'll come and sit on me if the others are there. She'll even let me pet her, so long as it's her idea. I'm thinking that she will just be one of those cats that everything will be on her terms. But heck, she's still only 4 weeks old and she doesn't hiss anymore. And perhaps I just want her to be as snuggly as her siblings.
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Elizabeth  M.

Elizabeth M.
7 years ago

You are probably right about the last kitten having to have it all on her terms (I often feel that way myself.) But seriously I think you've really accomplished a lot in a very few days. Congrats!

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