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April 19, 2009 | By Ellen-Cathryn N. | 3 comments

Okay Renee' aka Maddie

Hi, I am Elle from the Manes and Tails Organization. I am a NJ 501(c)(3) Non Profit and I rescue horses. I have been rescuing since 1995 but became incorporated in 2004. I have rescued other breeds besides Thoroughbreds, however, I always get calls for the TB rescues.

I love the breed and have had both geldings and mares. Right now, I have 3 TB mares, 1 Paint mare, and my senior Quarterhorse gelding.

I am adamently anti slaughter and have been fighting it since the 107th Congress! Whomever drafts the legislation does not do a good job. They always specify for 'human consumption' and forget about the 227 AZA accredited zoos and they use a lot of horsemeat for their carnivores.

My web site is:



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Kym C.

Kym C.
5 years ago

Hi! I too am a newcomer to the group and believe the same thing. I too have rescued and found homes for unwanted TB's. I myself have one I rescued 11 years ago. I agree the legislation needs change on this matter. I think it needs to be more clear and have more attention payed to it. It is a very important matter and time is being wasted! I try to do my part to help in anyway I can. It may not be financially but I feel if I can transport,refer,foster,teach,inform others etc. I am helping. Lets all do our part no matter how small it may be. We can alll make a difference!

Ellen-Cathryn N.

Ellen-Cathryn N.
6 years ago

Hey Terry,

I definitely walk the walk! Regarding feeding the meat from euthanized horses to big cats, wolves, bears, and other carnivores, the drugs we give our horses such as wormers, bute, etc. never purge the body. Some greyhounds were fed horsemeat and they all died. Some zoos have had their carnivores get sick from eating horsemeat. There is also no method of slaughter that can ever comply with the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958.

I am a Legal Philosopher and I have analyzed that statute and have proven that horse slaughter is against the law, and has been since 1958! Here is the link to my analysis if you care to read it:


It is just sick and I want horse slaughter for any purpose to be O V E R !!!!!

Great to meet you!


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