September 29, 2008 | By Nikki B. | 1 comment

Halloween is one of our favorite times at the Playhouse. We love our Halloween parties. We have one during the day, for the daycare kids. We have another one on a Friday evening with K9 MASH, a local therapy dog unit.

We have costume parties, bob for things (K9 MASH did tennis balls, but at the daycare only certain dogs are into tennis balls, so we tried hot dogs. That is a whole other story.), play other dog games, and everyone gets to take home a goody bag with treats and a toy.

What do you as a daycare, or as a family at home like to do with your pets to celebrate Halloween?
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Kate H.

Kate H.
7 years ago

I LOVE Halloween. I love to torture my animals, I mean dress them up. LOL I had both of my dogs dressed up like dinosaurs, but of course I didn't have enough time to get pictures before they enough FUN and took them off. I like putting Halloween scrunches on my cats they are more tolerant of those then a costume. I never thought about bobbing for hotdogs that's a great idea. My lab loves bobbing for ice cubes everytime I put them in her water dish. Have fun this Halloween with the puppies at daycare. I sell pet costumes for dogs & cats on my website Dixiepets.com

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