Contagious Illnesses

December 9, 2008 | By Nikki B. | 2 comments

We have a bout of bronchitis that is going around. Several of the dogs, including two of mine, came down with it. It came on suddenly. One day everyone was fine and the next day several were coughing.

I spent all day Monday calling our regular dog parents to let them know about it, and to suggest they keep their dogs home. We posted a sign and are telling folks that if they choose to let their dog stay, this is the risk. Also, if the dog shows any signs of coughing, they will be quarantined in the quiet room.

We've been disinfecting everything, and the coughing dogs are all on medication now. Still, I've been suggesting that dogs stay home this week, if at all possible.

It's been slower than you can believe, but I'd rather lose a week's worth of business than start an epidemic. It's important to be honest with the client for the sake of the dogs. This sort of thing happens occasionally. I'd say once a year. Just like with kids in school, the colds go around.

How do other pet care facilities handle these situations?
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Grace K.

Grace K.
5 years ago

We go through this about twice a year, and usually right around Christmas time! We have been VERY fortunate that NONE of the dogs have shown any signs or symptoms this Christmas! Last year we printed out little Q & A sheets about the cough and also gave out more detailed information to all of our clients. We told all incoming clients that there was a problem and we had our vet come in and check out all of the dogs in the building who had coughed, even just once! Although the vet said it was not serious at all and the dogs were fine, we did put the ones that were coughing more or longer on Antibiotics. We also quarantined all of the dogs to their own little are away from the healthy dogs. We made sure to always provide LOTS of clean water and tried our best to keep them from getting too rambunctious! However, within about 1 to 2 weeks the coughing was gone! Good luck! :)

Nikki B.

Nikki B.
6 years ago

Today I closed down the Playhouse. We will be shut down for the rest of the week due to illness. We will re-open again on Monday of next week.

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