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I'm thinking of purchasing two degus, both females. I've got most of the basic info but is there anything that is super important for me to know?
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6 years ago

They also need regular sand baths to keep their fur coats nice and fluffy.
You should never grab a degu by its tail or he/she will shed it.
This is very painful for them and will not grow back. They need their tails for balance while running, climbing and jumping. A degu with no tail will often fall of or loose balance when climbing on a branch in the cage.
They are very fun, playful and affectionate pets.

Let me know if you had any specific questions about them.
If you want to see how they are as household pets, visit my Youtube channel.
I have many videos of my own degus and the cage they inhabit.
This can give you an idea of what to expect when you get them.


Go on my "Degus" playlist.
There you will find most of my degu related videos.
Hope this helps and keep me updated.


6 years ago

Diabetes is caused by sugar and liver disease, by fat. So someone who owns degus should stay away from these.
A diabetic degu can still live a full life, but will develop cataracts (blindness) after a few years.

Degus are very special animals and anyone who has kept them are always amazed by their complex and incredible social behavior. They are extremely sociable, with degus and humans alike.
They are able to demonstrate feelings and affection in a way that other rodents cannot.
Generaly degus dont make good pets for kids. Most degu keepers are in their 20s, 30s and 40s.
Degus are too demanding and have too many needs and requirements to be met to be good pets for kids. They make excellent family pets, but an adult or responsible teen should be in charge or caring for them.

Degus also need very large cages.
2-3 degus should have a 100x50x100 cm (LxWxH) size cage.
The bigger the better.

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