Why does my Goffin do this?

March 4, 2009 | By Diane T. | 1 comment

We have a female Goffin's cockatoo named Blossom. She is now 10 years old and is in full hormonal bloom! She has always been a beautiful monster! She flies through the air and grabs feathers on the larger birds. She has been known to pull the feathers out and fly away with them, screaming "cockatoo" at the top of her little voice!
She has begun to pull out the feathers on her face between her beak and her 'ears'. She grabs them with her feet and just pulls them. She now resembles Batman's Joker very closely! At first, I think it itched when her pinfeathers were coming in. Now, I think it is a habit. Does anyone else have anything like this going on? She has been to the vet and we cannot find a health issue causing this.
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6 years ago

I have an umbrella cockatoo. I got him from a breeder at 2 weeks old and now isgoing on 13 years old. He is also very hormonal. For the last several years around February he molts. When he molts, he gets it in his head that feathers should come out, so he plucks his chest. The vet says part of the reason is allergies. If it gets to bad we put a collar on him just for a month. Once he is fully feathered the collar comes off and he is fine till next year.

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