Should I make the leap?

October 22, 2008 | By Manzana

The Big Kitten

I'm really on the fence about this fencing, excuse the pun. It sounds like the answer to all my problems -- if I were wealthy! I live in rural America and have approximately 4 acres, but my property isn't fenced, so my problem cat, Big Kitten, roams who knows where?

He is a little maniac, even though he's only a 12 pound neutered male -- ALWAYS wants to be outdoors, but he fights with EVERYONE -- including the other cats in my house. So, he has his own room, which thankfully, also has its own house entrance/exit.

This summer has been a real challenge -- besides the occasional coyote I see in the area which worries me greatly -- he's just been a fighting fool. Consequently, I've had to keep him in and on antibiotics most of the summer -- something I hate doing. He's been in for the last week or so (after his latest escapade) and he's getting quite growly because of it. I know he's miserable and I'm feeling guilty about keeping him in -- he's getting fat too, since he's spent so much of the summer indoors.

But, here's my dilemma. I already have a screened-in porch that he spends time on -- though I know he considers that time unsatisfactory -- and I'm worried that I could spend a healthy chunk of money on 200 linear feet -- that's really all I can swallow right now -- and he won't be any happier in that 50 square foot area than he is right now on the porch....anyone have any experience with taking a cat from a really large area outdoors to a MUCH smaller one?
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