The sweetest little girls

October 29, 2009 | By Maddy S.

Hi yall,
Last Thursday I got a call from one of the animal control officers in my area telling me that they were going to put down two sweet dogs if my rescue group (Maddy’s Dream) couldn’t take them. Even though all my fosters were full I rushed over to the pound to find the sweetest white pit bull and a little terrier waiting for me. The pit bull was so skinny you could see every bone in her body, she was also full of milk from a litter she must have just had. She was a puppy mill breeder at least that’s what the pound and I assume from her condition. I went over to her and picked her up and was embraced by a ton of kisses and her waging tail. So with her in my arms and the puppy by my side we left the pound and took them home. Now Little momma as we call her now is doing so much better she loves playing at the dog park and cuddling up on the couch. She is the sweetest girl and loves everyone, she was even attacked by another dog at the park and she wont fight back, when she’s inside she is happy just curling up and falling asleep, and outside she wants to play she is the perfect dog now all she needs is a perfect home. If you know anyone who could give her the love she deserves or would want to be her foster family please contact me at:
e-mail: maddy@maddysdream.org
Web site: MaddysDream.org
we are located in Edmond Oklahoma right outside of Oklahoma city please help us save her and many more
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