A pledge to save a life

February 3, 2010 | By Maddy S.

HI Ya’ll,
Maddy’s Dream Animal Sanctuary is starting a pledge to save lives all we need is donate one dollar a month and at the end of the month I will post how much the pledge has earned and I will post a picture and story of the life it helped. Now I know this will only work if we get a lot of people to pledge but I believe that there are enough nice people out there who could part with one dollar. But do not worry, if one month you do not have a dollar to part with I understand you still have a part in the pledge. If you want to be a part of the pledge post “I pledge” on the Maddy’s Dream Animal Sanctuary group page on face book and donate your first amazing pledge by going to maddysdream.org and clicking donate.
Thank you so much for your support it means the world to me,
Maddy Schell
p.s facebook post not mandatory
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