Sleep-deprived Scary Horse Race Anyone?

April 17, 2009 | By KiKi S. | 1 comment

Great news, Heather, and thanks for updating all the night owls, but this is where it starts to get scary for me. This competition feels a lot like an extended horse race and we all know how those tend to go. The horse that jumps out to the early impressive lead is usually not the one who finishes first. He sets the pace, but is usually eclipsed by one who breaks away from the pack or one who comes from behind and sprints to the end first, surprising everyone. OK, so enough of the poor horse racing analogy. Everyone knows where I'm going with this.
Bottom line is we all need to be re-energized, not reassured by these results. We need to kick into high gear now so we aren't upset down the stretch. (sorry!) We've all been working really hard, but now we need to get creative about it to find those additional necessary voters we missed thusfar. DaveM. had an amazing list of vote-getting activities listed in a response to either" A lot of Issues all Rolled into One" or "Ideas To Get Votes" on the CMHS Fan Club Site. Check them out. They included such things as asking to have participation in the contest mentioned in Sunday services. Other ideas include wearing your ZooToo/CMHS t shirt all weekend as suggested by Heather and taking fliers with you wherever you go, be it a ballgame, meeting, family or friend gathering, etc. Ask someone if they're "ZooTooing"? I guarantee you'll get some interest and a response! Delegate and use your kids shamelessly to help the cause through their Face Book and My Space contacts. Journal, journal, journal and network. E-mail any other animal rescue organizations you might be affiliated with and ask for their support. Call in some favors and ask for help from family, friends and co-workers near and far. How about your Christmas card list?
Now we have to run hard and smart; we can't afford to let this get away from us. It's time to sprint to the finish; we can all sleep after 12:00am Monday.
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