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December 16, 2010 | By Jennifer R.

Type to enter textAttention Lovers of Dogs!

At Moonshadow Studio, we love our dogs too!  In fact, my daughter and I have recently been certified to volunteer at CMHS and can't wait to start.  During our tour on Tuesday night, it was an extra-cold evening and I couldn't help but notice all the shivers.  I found out that yes, they have blankets, but they need MORE.  I felt a little guilty falling asleep in my bed last night all toasty and warm when I knew there were dogs shivering away in their kennels.  What does this have to do with portraits?  Well....we know it's almost last minute, but we have a few days here at the studio where we'd like to invite you to bring your dog to us for a fun holiday portrait.  And what better way to collect blankets for their canine friends at CMHS?  And because Christmas is right around the corner, we'll make your image beautiful while you wait, give it to you on a disc (or email if you like) and send you out the door to the nearest Walgreens or other quick-print center to make your howling holiday gifts.

Here's the (poop)scoop:

If you bring us a blanket (dogs don't care if their stained or holey!) your price is just $15 for your first portrait (with typed graphic as above if you like).  Addditional images are just  $10.

If you're short on blankets but still want to come for pictures, your price is $25 and we'll use the extra $10 to buy a blanket for a furry CMHS resident.  


TONIGHT (Thursday): 5-7
FRIDAY: 10am-2:30pm
SATURDAY: 10am-2pm

Moonshadow Studio
Lower Level of North Village Studios, 1023 East Walnut 
Park in the lot immediately east of the new (and FABULOUS) Artlandish Gallery
Please have your pet on a leash or in a crate for transport.

Please make a reservation so we know you're coming! Call Jennifer at 573-268-3321 (if I don't pick up just leave me a message of when you'd like to come, and your phone number.)  Or send me an email at jen@moonshadowstudio.com 
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